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About Adventures In Blue

    Our goal is to make your dreams into real experiences. Only your imagination sets the limit. 

We have experience in organizing adventure-hungry travelers for about 15 years, to places such as Indonesia, Spain, Italy and here at home in Sweden. We have arranged group events, focusing on Motocross, Diving and MotoGP. Challenge us by allowing us to tailor make an adventure that you and your friends dream about!

We are not a travel agency and not just a tour operator. We are so very much more than that, we train / educate people in a variety of categories ranging from diving certificate, first aid courses. We Arrange Motocross camp etc. The list goes on. We are a mix of the two with a little seasoning on top. This is what we call "Adventures In Blue". At the same time, we have a rental department that makes it possible for you to make your own adventures. You can rent anything from a boat, car, bus, motorcycle, motocross, trailer, GoPro cameras, drones. All so you can fulfill your dreams on your own terms.

From being a hobby, we now run Adventures In Blue as a limited company. We can with our cruel international network work with what we are really passionate about. To have the opportunity to combine our love for adventure and our curiosity about different cultures, people, places and adventure sports. This is a lifestyle we all dream about at Adventures In Blue.

    Adventures In Blue strive to seek, mix and create positive feelings. We want more people to experience their dreams - that's why we call ourselves  DreamMakers! 

Motocross Adventure in Spain

"An unforgettable mixture of nature, culture and motocross riding" 

We will in 2017 organize several trips to southern Spain where we together  experience what Costa del Sol can offer in terms of culture, adventure and experiences. With our awesome local knowledge, we visit 6 motocross tracks you could only dream of. Now it can become a reality!

2017: 18-26 Jan / 13-27 Mars / 27 Mars till 6 April / 12 - 22 Okt / 13 - 23 Nov. 

More dates can be arranged as : Private V.I.P. Adventures

2018: 1-11 Feb / 17-26 Feb 

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