Victor Ståhlgren

Keeps us other young and fresh!

Hello! I'm Victor Ståhlgren!

 I'm from Nybro / Kalmar. I have bean driving motocross since 2011, and spend much of my free time on the track! I run about 125 hours per season ... In addition to working as Dream Maker at Adventures In Blue I work on an industry and manufactures power cables! I am also responsible for children and young people in two different motocross schools in Småland Sweden. where i train and coach 20 entry-level kids and 3 elite kids on and alongside the track, which is incredibly inspiring to me. This experience I'll take with me on our adventure in which I am committed to help the younger travelers to develop on the motocross track! I am also one of those that will help transport your Motocross bike and equipment from Sweden through Europe down to Spain. After personally participated in a MotoCross-adventure as a traveler, I was hooked! Now I have managed to charm me into the dreamteam ... To be a Dream Maker at Adventures In Blue is a dream come true for me. I hope to see you on one for our Adventures !

Best regards Victor