Gustav Nilsson

Webmaster who can not think of nothing else than motocross.

Hej Gustav heter jag! 

In my spare time I usually do music and mx. To create is one of those things that I really enjoy. To create something that was not there before. That is why I produce music for example. The songs start out as a small melody or idea in your head and then becomes complete! I love electronics and småfix! I like to fix with websites, YouTube and image. But nothing beats riding motocross! I usually ride mx with my dad and we ride almost as good as eachother !. I've been driving for a long time and I started on a small Kazuma 50cc ATV that I still have!. I was in Spain January 2017 with Adventures in Blue and it will be a trip I will never forget ! 

Sincerely Gustav Nilsson!

Thats all for me !