Dennis Wellerfors

The Pro in the gang

Hello! I'm Dennis!  

I am a Halmstad ( Swedish town ) Guy who moved to Spain in 2003 and ran the motocross (MX) and Supercross (SX) full-time until 2012. Now I am conducting my own catering and event companies in Puerto Banus Costa del Sol. I have, among other things worked as a test driver for a company that builds suspension components. Im now one of several DreamMakers at Adventures In Blue. I am very involved and in charge of coaching and assisting our adventure clients to reach new heights on the motocross track. I'm present at all the tracks Adventures In Blue visits. Where we together take a look at your driving style and technique together. We grind on the techniqe and set up your motocross machine so it works the best for you. Im also the cook, so the lunch that we enjoy in the olive grove around the tracks is prepered and made by me. Only that can be an experience in it self. :)  

Hope to see you soon!

MVH Dennis Wellerfors.