Christopher Woods

The American that has found home

Hello! I'm Christopher!

I am one of several DreamMakers that makes up Adventures In Blue. There is no doubt that I am passionate about service, people, culture, travel-experiences. I still have many dreams yet to experience. My pleasure has always been full of different adventures such as scuba diving, motocross driving, hiking, horseback riding and roadracing. Whatever hurts i will try it. I want to work targeted along with all the team members and together create adventures and experiences based on other people's dreams. I see myself as a consistent and responsive person who is easy to cooperate and communicate with. I love different kinds of people from all corners of the world. Being a dual citizen US-SWE has eased significantly in international relations and has given me a cruel networks worldwide. I have extensive experiencewhen it comes too planing and manage various events. I have been involved in many different industries such as motorsports, communication, construction and sales over the years, but has now saddled on to a solid adventurer :)  ... I am driven to understand and motivate people, to see them develop and to finally be able to fulfill their dreams. I believe in a experience whole, and in the case of focusing on customers and clients needs both during the planning stage of an adventure, but especially during and after an adventure. To make new contacts are invaluable for me and who knows, maybe we will be friends for life!. In Adventures In Blue, we strive to mix and create positive emotions in people. It takes so little to achieve so much. I see it as natural and inspiring to be able to coach each other, to work together to achieve positive results and get your dreams too be a reality ... ... And thats why we call ourselves DreamMakers ... I hope to see you!

Yours sincerely, Christopher