Carl Lindman

Dive Instructor

Carl started diving after a trip to Egypt where he was completely sold. He started his first education in Sweden in 2004 and has since been educated in diving. Today, Carl has thousands of dives under the belt and can train up to assistant instructor in PADI (proffessional association of diving instrutors). 

Carl eventually did his Divemaster Education in Dubai, where he later helped as Divemaster. He then moved down to Egypt and worked as an instructor for a further period of time with the Colona Dive Center. Carl has extensive experience in diving, tech diving and diving education. He wants to educate divers to be safe in the water, have the right position in the water, the right balance and the correct safety tip. 

The education should be as similar to the reality as possible so that the student is prepared and safe the day when he is going to dive independently. Carl puts down more time than many others in terms of their education. Carl is passionate about diving and traveling all over the world to experience different types of diving, especially fun is wreck diving. 

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